IXScience, Social, English, Maths, 2L, and  Computers.
XScience, Social, English, Maths, 2L, and  Computers.



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Art & Craft


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Student Council

The Head Boy and Head Girl head the school council who along with his/her Sports captain. Each house has House Captains, Vice captains  who are chosen from among the senior students of each house through a process of secret ballot. The nominees, chosen by the  teaching faculty, are allowed to campaign for a week before voting day. Students from Grade 5 to X vote for their respective house captain. The Student Council  is then sworn into office in a formal Investiture Ceremony and is responsible for the general discipline of the School.

1School Head BoyDharshan.NX Standard
2School Head GirlPragathi.EMX Standard
3Sports Captain BoyAshok.SIX Standard
4Sports Captain GirlVanishka.PX Standard
5CCA Co-ordinator BoyVeeranjenayacharyIX Standard
6CCA Co-ordinator GirlTanuja.A.BX Standard
7Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam  House captain BoySacheth KoushikX Standard
8Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam House captain GirlAnushaVIII Standard
9Sir.M.Visvesvaraya House Captain BoySharan.AIX Standard
10Sir.M.Visvesvaraya House Captain GirlSivani.SX Standard
11Sir .C.V.Raman   House Captain BoyAchinthya.U.N.MX Standard
12Sir .C.V.Raman  House Captain GirlLakitha.PIX Standard
13Sri.Srinivasa  Ramanujan  House Captain BoyMayur.SIX Standard
14Sri.Srinivasa  Ramanujan   House Captain GirlInchara.D.NIX Standard