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School Campus
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Nursery Playground
Nursery Playground
Nursery Playground
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Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
Nursery Activity
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Nursery Classroom
Nursery Classroom
Nursery Classroom
Nursery Classroom
Nursery Classroom
Graduation Day
Graduation Day
Graduation Day
Graduation Day

From the Chairman's Desk

“Knowledge for the sake of knowledge without benefiting fellow beings is a dead end, and only leads to the blind alley of frustration. Education is a meaningless ritual, unless it moulds the character of students and imparts in them a strong sense of values. Educational Institutions have to ensure that students are so educated that they are developed both physically and mentally to build a unique nation. We are proud of our ancient heritage and we have to ensure that our future is no less glorious”.

We look back at our commitments and performance since 2006 in providing value based education to children. Strengthened by our post achievements, we promise an even more innovative, versatile, technologically advanced and well planned curriculum to provide children with opportunities to learn and excel in academics as well as in a variety of interesting personality development programmes.

As we advance with aplomb into the third millennium, we, as one of the fast growing schools in Bengaluru, recognize our special social responsibility. Through our Institution and its full-fledged educational system, we are constantly striving to achieve all-round excellence by giving an opportunity to our students to excel in academics, sports and co-curricular activities with joy, enthusiasm, interest, sensitivity and awareness during the process of learning.

It is our vision and mission to provide and equip children coming from different backgrounds with quality education and skills required to become prudent citizens. Given the most competitive environment we are growing in, it is also our sincere commitment to adopt global standards in education with rich Indian cultural heritage as the foundation and groom our students to reach for and face challenges at the global level.

It is our dream to build a model Institution where every student is given where every student is given an opportunity to develop his/her potential to the optimum level with the help of enrichment programmers planned for various classes. Thus we propose to bring about a qualitative improvement in the entire curricular and co-curricular atmosphere of the school.

I appreciate each and every parent for co-operating in all our strides and helping us to grow at a faster rate.

Mr. P S Bagilthaya, B E.,

Principal's Note

How we perceive a student is how we perceive tomorrow. A student is a seed of change evolution. Navaprajna nurtures this process. Each student must be empowered to optimize his/her talent and inner potential to the core.

At Navaprajna, the students’ emotional, physical and intellectual facets are shaped with the energies of perseverance, thoughtfulness, dedication and support. A professional, empowered and motivated faculty ensures the overall growth of the student. This equips the students with an innovative and educational way of learning and in the process become the torch bearers of tomorrow.

All the best!

Mr. Srinivasa Babu M N


Holiday Schedule Circular 2013-14

NAVAPRAJNA PUBLIC SCHOOL [Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi- (Aff No-830431), Recognized by the Govt of Karnataka] CIRCULAR TO THE PARENTS No: NPPS08/2013-14 Date: 14-08-2013 Dear Parents- Warm Greetings on the eve of 67th Independence Day from Navaprajna Family, Hope your wards are doing well in both academic and non-academic spheres and enjoying their scholastic life by grasping all aspects of effective learning. In this regard- • 67th Independence Day will be celebrated in School on 15th August 2013, Thursday between 09.00 a m and 10 a m and only the students from V to X Standard will attend the celebration with white uniform. School vans will ply at usual time. • School will remain closed from 15th August 2013 to 18th August 2013 and students need to attend the school as usual from 19th August 2013, Monday. [From Nursery to X Standard]. • Please see that children will finish all their incomplete works and assignments given to them. • Formative Assessment 2 is going on from I to X CBSE. Please make sure that your wards will finish all the activities assigned to them during these holidays. Since the Second Round Test for State Board High School will start from 19th August 2013, please see that your wards will study seriously at home. • There will be a Fancy Dress Competition for Nursery Children on 23rd August 2013, Friday, theme for the competition is ‘Freedom Fighters’. • Avoid calling teachers directly to their personal numbers, any problems regarding your wards or school may be informed to the School by calling to the land line number which will be immediately brought to the notice of the principal for necessary action or you can meet the teachers between 2.45 p m to 3.30 p m from Monday to Friday. • Holiday Schedule for the year 2013-14 is announced as follows- VACATION FROM TO RE-OPENING MID-TERM 07-10-2013 20-10-2013 21-10-2013 CHRISTMAS 25-12-2013 29-12-2013 30-12-2013 SUMMER [Class X] 31-03-2014 18-05-2014 19-05-2014 [Opening for Pre-KG] SUMMER [Nursery – IX] 31-03-2014 25-05-2014 26-05-2014 • You are requested to plan your programmes/functions/marriages/family trips on seeing the above holiday schedule and any before or after leave requests will not be entertained. • Compulsory present of your wards on the re-opening days is compulsory. Thanking you and hoping for better co-operation, co-ordination and communication….. Principal

Mid-Term Examination/SA ! September 2013

S A !/Mid-Term Examination started on 18th September 2013 and concluded on 30th September 2013. Vacations from 3rd October 2013 for Nursery and 5th September 2013 from Class I to X. Reopening of the School on 21st October 2013, Monday. Holiday Assignments and Instructions are given through Circular dated 5th October 2013 for all the students. Kindly go through. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND DUSSEHRA FESTIVAL TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF NAVAPRAJNA. Principal.


Board Exams Results

CONGRATULATION!!!!!! 100% result in both State Board & CBSE Exams, AY-2013-14. 100% First Class in CBSE.


Mr. Deshpande

I was seeking admission for my daughter for 6th standard immediately after my retirement in 2008. I approached Dr. P J Bagilthaya and my daughter was given admission by his grace. This school had only classes up to 5th standard and 6th and 7th classes were about to open. Due to the continuous efforts of the teaching staff and their sincere follow up for students helped to achieve the best results. Accordingly my daughter achieved Distinction in her SSLC Board Examination during 2012-13. I extend my sincere thanks to the Institution.

Mrs. Cauvery P M, Parent of Parvathi Jagirdar, X B

With due respect to Mr. Bagilthaya Sir, Members of the Governing Council, Principal and Staff, it’s a great honour to mention a few things about the school. With great pleasure and pride I would like to express my gratitude for the school which changed my daughter’s life, who refused to go to school, since she was not treated well. I have seen her transformation after joining this school. The Principal and the teaching staff are doing everything to give their best and students are encouraged to take up challenging tasks. Besides the academics, the students are taken to old age homes, etc., where they feel there are lot more challenging things in life where they need to contribute. I am sure the school will be the talk of the city in near future.

Mrs. Deena, parent of Nidhin Shaji of I B

I feel there is a good communication between the Teachers and Parents. The school staff is good and approachable. Discipline is good. I always feel positive when I am in school campus. The school runs in an efficient and effective way. We are very grateful to the Management, Principal and Staff for all the hard work done to keep the school a happy temple of learning.

Sneha N, X B

It’s been almost 7 years I joined this school. I feel privileged to be the part of this institution. The teachers are supportive. We have almost all the facilities a student needs. I have lots of sweet and worth memories spent in my school.

Apurva S. X B

I had joined Navaprajna 3 years ago and I have had a good time ever since then. At the beginning it had been difficult for me to adjust with my friends and the rules of the school. But still I feel fortunate to be the part of this Institution. It’s been one of the best memories in my life. I thank all the teachers for being so much affectionate and supportive.

Siddarth Hebballi, X B

I joined Navaprajna for class 5. My teachers are so kind and taught me to their best. I love my school for the atmosphere existing for effective learning. I am so impressed with my Principal who teaches us social science though he is highly occupied. I thank all my teachers who have brought us to this level of learning.

Jayanth, X B

I joined my school for class 8th, though I am in the school for the past three years, I developed a special bondage with this temple of learning. I have my most memorable moments and I feel blessed to be in this type of learning atmosphere. My teachers are friendly, kind and affectionate. I am really amazed with my Principal who is like a dawn trader. This school of mine is just beyond the word awesome.

Rakesh, X B

I joined Navaprajna for class 8th , I am so impressed and happy with the facilities provided and the good learning atmosphere prevailing. The teachers are highly concerned about the students and affectionate. I can’t stop myself from bending my head in front of our beloved Principal, for the very care that he has taken towards us and his vision.

Vinay P S, X B

Hi, I joined my school for High School. My school has everything that a good school should possess in all aspects of learning. We are blessed to have our Principal Sir and confident teachers and I am thankful to all of them.

Parvathi Jagirdar, X B

It’s been almost 5 years I have joined the school. I feel proud to be a student of this great Institution. Teachers are so kind that they support us in all aspects of learning. I surely carry tonnes and tonnes of sweet memories from this sacred place.

Monisha M L, X B

I am highly privileged to a part of Navaprajna. The teachers are kind and affectionate; facilities for learning are amazing which can match with any Institution. I love my school.

Lavanya K, X A

We are so blessed to have great teachers with us and outstanding learning atmosphere. I am so proud to say that I am the student of Navaprajna.

Darshan M S, X A

I am proud to be in this school. We have all the facilities and our teachers are able and kind. I thank each and everyone for giving us a right place of learning.

Dennis Samson, X A

I am lucky to study in Navaprajna which has all the features of an ideal Institution that facilitates meant for learning not only present day curriculum but also values of life.

Saurav Nair, X A

I learnt a lot about life and its values from Navaprajna which always stand above the routine learning. I thank all my teachers for nurturing us to face the future.

Satyajit S, X A

I am proud to be the student of Navaprajna, it has all the prerequisites of an ideal learning atmosphere.

Lokesh M, X A

I am lucky that I am one among the good learners in this temple of learning. I love my school, my teachers and everyone responsible for good learning atmosphere.


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Theory is incomplete without practical

Computer Lab

At Navaprajna, state-of-the-art computers have been installed with LCD monitors in computer lab.


The library is a spring of open minds.

Sports and Games

A sound mind in a sound body. Keeping this in mind the school promotes and encourages a number of sports and games .